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About This Web...关于此网页

All the way we forward mails and a lot of attachment, and maybe we want to keep some of the attachment. So, I collect some of the atachment, ie wallpaper, stories, articles, pictures, beautiful scenes, and set up this homepage. Everybody knows this homepage can surf and download what they want. 

Of course not every attachment I will put in my homepage, that is I do some filtering work. Thus, it may not be so complete with everything in my homepage.

Disclaimer:- I set up this homepage as to share all the pictures, stories, wallpaper, articles with friends. I got these stuff in the mail that most of my friends forwarded it to me. Thus, I make an assumption that all the stuff here can be shared. If you found your pictures, stories, wallpaper or whatever in this homepage, without your notice, or without your authorization, please do let me know via  .