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Hi! Welcome to SweeKian's Collection!

Who is SweeKian? Not so far...we all are connected by just a wire. This is SweeKian, full name Khaw SweeKian from Malaysia, South East Asia, Earth@universe.

SweeKian, is an IT (Information Technology) student, in National University Of Malaysia (UKM, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia).

My interest would be computer, since I study IT. I also like music, listening to Kitaro, Yanni, Enya, or own composed music. I can play piano, organ (electone), keyboard or some other instrument that has white and black keys. I can also play some basic drum patterns. Besides, I also like chinese literature. Although now just don't have much time to read.

I like to will find more and more update, whether is a story or bookmark, that wil make us think. Maybe thinkg, or you can say, is dreaming...Everyday, when we continue our routine, or we are in cyber life, meybe we lack some time to think, about our life, ourself...

Want to contact me? Mail me at, or ICQ 130871659.